2020 resolutions: Get rid of the ‘hopium’ addiction.

Anastasha Grace Deyour

16 December 2019

Are you taking responsibility for your business, or you are taking ‘Hopium’

Hoping that your business will be successful, without having a clear vision and a plan for its implementation can get you hooked on ‘hopium’ (it’s an official business term, I promise).

If you have lost your direction – go back to your goals and the mission statement of your enterprise. If you don’t have goals or a mission statement, that’s in itself is an issue.

Get assistance from coaches to help you get clarity. You probably heard that already, that most successful people have sometimes up to 5 coaches in different areas of their lives! I have a wealth coach, a business coach and a spiritual coach.

To release your addiction to hopium first you need to understand and monitor your numbers. Very sobering!

Then, take a look at your marketing strategies and selling. Are you getting the most out of your lead generation What is your conversion rate How effective are your customer interactions Is your staff trained in sales Is there resistance to selling that sabotages the success of your business venture Are you hoping that customers will show up or you are doing something about it

Are you keeping yourself busy with 100 different admin tasks vs money-generation activity

Like with any addiction, change starts with you and take responsibly for yourself and your business.

We are offering very affordable coaching packages if you need a kickstart:



About Anastasha Grace Deyour:

Anastasha Grace is a transformational coach, behavioural specialist and a co-founder of Sales School Fall in Love with Sales.She assists business people and influencers in rapid transformations, shifting limitations, reducing their stress levels and increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Her school provides a wide range of tools in sales, presentation, negotiation skills and behavioural psychology to help businesses and entrepreneurs eliminate resistance to selling and achieve business growth with flow and balance.

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