How to have an unshakable sense of confidence by being yourself


We are born to be ourselves. To be so real, so unique, incomparable. One in a few billion. Special.?

Then we learn that we are not enough. We hear from a parent that we can’t do things right, or fast enough, or accurate enough. We make mistakes, fail, get confused, collecting feelings, thoughts and experiences of shame, guilt, betrayal and abuse. Judgements, programing and beliefs pile up in the subconscious creating not so perfect image of ourselves. Sadly, often smallest, unnoticeable events shape us, our levels of self-esteem, trust, safety, optimism, confidence, ability to speak up and be ourselves.?

We lose that confidence, ease, spontaneity, directness and freedom so many kids have. If only we stopped listening to others, focusing on the outside world. And listened to ourselves.

We would discover that negative voices do not belong to us. That we are much happier when we trust ourselves, like who we are and allow ourselves to be.??

?Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.? ? my favourite quote by Oscar Wilde.?

Imagine being confident in any situation. During any interaction, any exchange (sales process), any ask (close), any exploration (objections).. you are a picture of confidence. How? Well… By having full trust in yourself.

Confidence comes from Latin confidere – having full trust. The more trust you have, the more confident you feel. That’s a key to consistent, ongoing confidence.?

You know yourself better than anyone. You know who we are. You just need to drop the idea that you should be different or better. Work with what you’ve got now and see how much more gold you’ll uncover.?

Let me ask you a few questions:?

  • Do you trust yourself?
  • When do you trust yourself the most??
  • Do you trust your intentions??
  • Do you trust your product/service or your skills??
  • Do you trust people? (That?s a huge one)?
  • Do you trust in life??
  • Do you trust in something bigger than you??
  • Do you trust that everything works out??
  • Do you trust you will ok no matter what?

If you are hesitating about any of these questions – ask yourself ‘why’. When did you stop trusting? What caused it? What the worst can happen if you trust?

Those are some serious questions that require some digging and often healing. The result, however, is invaluable.

Freedom. Ease. Confidence. Excitement. Optimism.


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