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Our Clients' Success Stories

After many years of struggling to hire, retain and train sales staff, we sought out the expertise of Ksenia to help with our processes and procedures. She helped break down our pains and problems and gave us some great feedback, ideas and an actionable plan on how to improve in these areas. 2 months on, we are happy to report that our hiring and training structure has changed and we have been able to drastically increase the retention of our sales staff. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ksenia and Fall In Love With Sales
Jacob Banks
Jacob Banks
Co-Founder -
I just wanted to say that the two of you are just amazing. Ksenia’s knowledge in sales and Anastasha’s in behavioral psychology it’s a perfect match. Just one session with the two of you in regards to making a sale call, gave me so much clarity of where to start, how to continue and how to finish off. You picked up on things I couldn’t see myself, as to why was it so difficult to start and feel the way I felt about it. You picked up on a few words I was just automatically using and you pointed out how did it effect me. Knowing and understanding that, makes it just so much easier to makes those sale calls now. You have an incredible ability to pick up on those you would think little things, but they make an enormous impact! And the knowledge of many different strategies, personality types and and and.. I recommend you to anyone and everyone I know.
Maria Friesen
Founder - ABZM Group
Client Shenny Neveceral

Shenny Neveceral

Founder - Spunky Monkey Media, Australia

I had a one on one session with Anastasha and Ksenia from Fall in Love with Sales and it was really eye-opening. It really made me realise about selling and how my perspective on selling impacts the way I sell. It was amazing and the strategies I got out of the one on one session I was able to implement immediately in my business. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone who needs help in selling and needs to improve their confidence.

Elena Marchetti

Elena Marchetti

Founder - Projector Design

I can now stand my ground, voice my boundaries and be authentic in my communication without the trembling emotions of fear or need to please. In sessions with Anastasha, I have freed up my self-acceptance and self-appreciation that lead to me lighter, calmer and more inspired.

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