Emotional Mastery for Business Women

3-day masterclass

Many small business owners face challenges of financial stress, professional isolation, overwhelm, long hours and blurred boundaries between home and family life. And all of these factors can have a huge impact on your level of aliveness, optimism, clarity and emotional wellbeing.

Get rid of fear, worry, concern, dread,
anxiety, unease in seconds

This masterclass is for you if you are:

Master your emotions, master your life.
-Tony Robbins

“Inner peace brings inspiration, high levels of enthusiasm, and motivation and makes you resourceful.”

Founders of Fall in Love with Sales –

Anastasha Grace Deyour & Ksenia Demidova

So we have created Emotional Mastery training.
We will be teaching the process of becoming aware of your emotional states and learning to direct, shift and transform them.

Three evenings

Practical tools

Live training


How can this masterclass help you:

Evidence shows that emotions critically influence human decision-making. Emotion-regulation can help to mitigate emotion-related decision biases and eventually lead to a better decision performance. How can this masterclass help you:

“Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully,embrace it and see through your resistance.”
— Deepak Chopra

In our Sales School for Women

“Fall in Love with Sales”

we are focused on growing the business and sales with inner peace. Inner peace brings inspiration, high levels of enthusiasm, and motivation and make you resourceful.

Thursday 26th September 2019 6:00pm-7:30pm

Friday 27th September 2019 6:00pm-7:30pm

Saturday 28th September 2019 6:00pm-7:30pm

Only $97 for 3-day Masterclass

3-day Masterclass + One-on-one transformational session (normally $500) For $150

Claim and inhabit your power, become the creator of your life!

What you’ll learn:

The sessions are facilitated by Anastasha Grace

a transformational coach, emotional wellbeing practitioner and a co-founder of Sales School for Women ‘Fall in Love with Sales
“In my work I assist women in transforming limiting beliefs, reducing their stress levels and increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence. In a nutshell, I reach into the complexity of your inner world, your emotions, your shadow, your patterns, your conditioned mind and show you how to understand and accept all that you are. In these 3 sessions you will learn basic muscle testing techniques to assist you in finding what emotions or self limiting beliefs are standing between you and your desired outcome. You will learn how to clear those obstacles so you can increase your productivity, your happiness, success and create a more outstanding life”.

Results my clients experience after
one-on-one sessions:

What my clients say:

I can now stand my ground, voice my boundaries and be authentic in my communication without the trembling emotions of fear or need to please. Working with Anastasha I have freed up my self-acceptance and self appreciation that lead to me being more loving, inspired and compassionate to other people
Marketing Executive, Australia
I achieved amazing level of peace in my heart; and there's no greater confidence than being able to walk into any situation when there's chaos just feel completely at peace. And I feel like that's what this program has done for me... so thank you
Janice Dilone
Runaway Model, NY, USA
The feeling of constant stress, worrying, frustration have constantly accompanied me. After only one session with Anastasha I could not believe the positive changes that have occurred. My sleep has dramatically improved. I became less irritable, more calm, relaxed and in control of my emotions. I felt like I have let go of something painful after the session, I felt lighter and stronger.
Small Business Owner, Australia
3-day Masterclass + One-on-one transformational session (normally $500)

Our Sales School for Women ‘Fall in Love with Sales’ provides a wide range of tools in sales, presentation, negotiation skills and behavioural psychology that allow a modern woman to be successful while staying happy about herself and balanced in her life.

More info: Sales School for Women | Anastasha Grace


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