By Women For Women


By Women For Women

Learn and implement a unique Sales Flow System™ that utilises your natural abilities and removes resistance and discomfort around sales.

Results you will receive after this 4-week Online Immersion Program:

  • Have a clear and defined portrait of your ideal customer
  • Implement a strong business and sales system tailored to your natural talents and to your business
  • Remove resistance, discomfort, mental and behavioural blocks around selling, closing and presenting in public
  • Increase emotional intelligence and awareness about your patterns and limitations of your mindset
  • Receive a wide range of tools in sales, presentation, negotiation skills and behavioural psychology
  • Uncover your natural skills for selling, closing, presenting, negotiating and perfect your pitch and marketing message

In the Fall in Love with Sales School we are changing the meaning of sales

We place importance and focus on increasing emotional intelligence, mental and behavioural blocks around selling, closing, presenting in public and combine it with proven sales strategies incorporating the Sales Flow Process™ we’ve created. We believe the technical sales training has to be built on the foundation of your balanced internal state, awareness about your emotional state and ability to shift that state.

Over the course of 4 weeks we’ll be delivering the most practical information you need to be successful selling your products and services.

What You Can Expect

tailored coaching every week

Weekly Live Online Calls

Every week you will get tailored coaching with practical tools to excel at sales and human behaviour.

selling with confidence and ease

Sales Skills For Everyday Life

Selling with confidence and ease will become your daily practice, effective communication will become a part of you.

understand your empowered state and drivers in life

Integrated Deep Learning

You will have a deep understanding of your empowered states, your drivers in life, and with your daily practices you can be at your peak performance.

serve customer through connection

You Will Love Sales

You'll fall in love with sales once you learn what sales really is: Serving your customers through connection.

In Our Online Sales School You’ll Discover:

  • Sales is not what you think
  • What is a new way of selling as old ways are becoming outdated
  • How to sell without sales
  • Masculine vs feminine sales strategies
  • How to EMPOWER people through the sales process rather than PUSH them through the sales process* How to stay in integrity and essence when closing a deal
  • How to ignite your intuition and own flow rather than following “the proven system” or a fixed “script”

We will identify and clear self-limiting beliefs and release the emotional blocks and resistance to selling making you hide away from sales, teach you the essential skills needed to achieve greater financial success in your sales career or business. The world does not need more sales people, it needs more genuine connections and authentic communication that results in long term relationships. 

Why are we keeping this “Female-only” school?

  • Female-only networking feels warm, welcoming and safe. Attendees share what it's really like to run your own business, build a career, juggling life, family, kids, and a million other things a woman juggles. 
  • Women supporting women is the most comfortable and natural way for all of us to grow and thrive. 
  • You might find a mentor and other women that inspire you. 
  • Women-only environments make it easier to show up authentically; when others genuinely cheering you on, women report experiencing a real boost of confidence. 
  • Learning from other women’s amazing stories of challenges overcome and lessons learned from other successful entrepreneurs is a huge motivator.
  •  An opportunity to work with accountability buddy or a small groups to set weekly  goals and take your business to the next level.

Weekly Online Training

We invite you to our community of women just like you. Over 4 weeks we’ll be delivering the most practical information you need to be successful in selling your products and services.

Does this sound familiar?

• You know how great your product or service is but you avoid selling it (or promoting yourself).

• You don’t tell enough people about what you can do for them. Which results in a lack of clients, unstable cash flow and slowly decreasing self-confidence. 

We’ll teach you powerful strategies and explain the psychology of sales. On top of this, we’ll show you some groundbreaking strategies to help you to clear anxiety, unsupportive beliefs, and procrastination.

We’ll be delivering the most practical information you need to be successful in selling your products and services. You will receive Live Online Training EVERY WEEK in a supportive environment.

We invite you to our community of women just like you.


Many women have preconceived ideas or notions about what it means to be in a sales profession.

Sales can have a negative connotation to people who still think of shady stereotypical used car salesman. In his book To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink asked individuals to describe what they think of when they hear the word “sales.” The main adjectives used were “pushy,” “annoying,” “manipulative” and “dishonest.

In Our Online Sales School You’ll Learn :

  • the art of influence and presenting
  • effective and authentic communication
  • how to make impactful first impressions and negotiate well
  • strategies to close sales with confidence and ease
  • how to overcome fears of rejection and disempowering thoughts
  • about your empowered stand and how to clear your limiting beliefs
  • how to apply behavioural psychology into your sales process

I’ve been looking for a program like this, I am in!! 

Worthy Investment In You

Your pathway to increased personal freedom, stronger communication, sense of community and a feeling of belonging. This is your opportunity to work through old fears, blocked emotions and self-expression and it’s your chance to overcome that lack of confidence and negative self-talk that has plagued you for years. Take your power back and seize this opportunity.

Women excel at sales because they bring feminine energy and natural skills to connect and empathise to a traditionally masculine activity.

We are looking forward to embarking on this journey with you.

In our Sales School ‘Fall in Love with Sales’ we teach women how to go through the sale process with ease and confidence, creating long-lasting relationships and achieving great results by using their natural given talents.

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