12-Weeks Sales Intensive Video Course

Grow your business and sales with systems in place that work smoothly and efficiently so you take the next step towards expansion with confidence and peace of mind.

Change your relationship with sales

12 week advance sales training specifically designed to exponentially boost your sales. This course will give you unexpected insights into your psyche, shift your beliefs and patterns around selling, presenting, offering and promoting yourself, your services, programs or products.

Why you should take this course?

  • If the hard sell doesn’t feel right to you
  • If you over-deliver and under charge
  • If you constantly keep yourself busy with any other tasks except for focusing on your sales targets
  • If you ‘freeze’ every time you come to close a sale
  • If you want to be successful while staying yourself, being genuine and natural
Our approach to business growth is the combination of proven structures and systems with flow and balance, linking together the inner world of behavioural psychology, emotional intelligence and natural talents with the business and sales training focused on strategic results and purposeful expansion.

If you are looking to:

  • Grow your business and sales with systems in place that work smoothly, efficiently so you take the next step towards expansion with confidence and peace of mind
  • Expand with the sense of inspiration, fun, excitement from running your business
  • Feel acknowledged and recognised for your gifts and talents, living purposefully and impactfully while maintaining inner peace
  • Implementing a smooth great sales process that brings satisfaction to you and your clients, turning them into raving fans
  • Establishing solid foundations using functional organisational structures and processes to ensure sustainability and longevity of this growth
  • Feeling proud of what you do and of an impact you have on the world

Results you will receive after taking this course:

  • Create a sales action plan that works for you and your product/service
  • Clear away anxiety, unsupportive beliefs, procrastination, self-limiting beliefs and release the emotional blocks and resistance to selling
  • Determine your ideal client and learn how to get their attention, interest, desire & action to a positive outcome – a sale
  • Identify the right questions for your ideal client
  • Receive a wide range of tools in sales, presentation, negotiation skills, behavioural psychology
  • Tactics to advance/close the sale - what to say, how to say it
  • Receive PRACTICAL and tailored tools and strategies for impactful sales, presentations and negotiations so you walk away from each sales situation with a huge YES and a huge smile of satisfaction


Week 1

  • Have a clear and defined portrait of your ideal customer
  • Implement a strong business and sales system tailored to your natural talents and to your business

Week 2

  • Know your product, know your customer, know who is not
  • Brand building
  • Build your credibility
  • Pitch preparation - mental, emotional

Weeks 3 and 4

  • Increase emotional intelligence and awareness about your patterns, limitations of your mindset that keeps you limited

Week 5

  • 6 human needs and how to turn your clients into raving fans
  • Red and Green Brain

Week 6

  • Tones of authenticity
  • Remove resistance, discomfort, mental and behavioural blocks around selling, closing, presenting in public.
  • Uncover your natural skills for selling, closing, presenting, negotiating and perfect your pitch marketing message.

Week 7

  • Sales Flow Process™ works remarkably well smoothing, structuring and organising all important areas of your business: advertising, marketing, sales, negotiations, making deals.

Week 8

  • Mindset of Selling yourself (shame, awkwardness, building your worth). Closing - types of closes, confidence in closing, asking for money, money mindset, mindset about closing.
  • Fluid negotiations™ Increasing emotional intelligence, let go of mental and behavioural blocks around selling, closing, presenting in public and combine it with our unique negotiating process.

Week 9

  • Objection turning - preparation, preemptions objections, being ahead, have intuition, feeling into what they will say, ways how to turn them.

Week 10

  • What is an authentic Self? And being in the integrity
  • Masculine and Feminine Balance for the flow in business and life
  • How to stay in that authenticity and balance
  • Following up (the act of care) from the place of authenticity
  • Systems - when to follow up, how to follow up

Week 11

  • Introduction and first attention - how to be different, how to stand out, how to build trust straight away
  • Buyers archetypes - DISC + relationship with time/money/space/people. Customer archetypes

Week 12

  • Business Growth Formula
  • Financial health of your business

What Our Clients Say

Get a lifetime access to our “12-weeks Sales Intensive” course for only $360


Why Fall in Love with Sales?

We are changing the meaning of sales.

We place importance and focus on increasing emotional intelligence, mental and behavioural blocks around selling, closing, presenting in public and combine it with proven sales strategies incorporating the Sales Flow Process we’ve created.

We run workshops, Online School for Women, web classes, corporate training and one-on-one coaching.

Ksenia & Anastasha

Ksenia Demidova



With over 10 years of experience in the sales industry, Ksenia has had an opportunity to coach over 600 sales reps, increase her clients

Anastasha Grace Deyour


Studying psychology, psychosomatics, the power of the mind and energy healing for many years, Anastasha assists her clients to reduce stress levels, increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence; to be a better leader by changing old patterns and unsupportive beliefs that weigh them down.


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In our Sales School ‘Fall in Love with Sales’ we teach women how to go through the sale process with ease and confidence, creating long-lasting relationships and achieving great results by using their natural given talents.

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