Anastasha's Story

An entrepreneur and business owner for almost 15 years, Anastasha holds multiple degrees in business, communication, financial management from Universities in the United States, Australia, and Russia.

Establishing her first business at 26 she quickly expanded it a multi-million dollar business, later moving to Australia and launching multiple businesses in wholesale, hospitality and e-commerce.

Driven by her love of behavioural sciences Anastasha spent many years studying psychology, psychosomatics, the power of the mind and energy healing. Now she combines the knowledge in hypnotherapy, NLP, kinesiology, and the Spiral (proven techniques that merge psychological and neurological sciences) to help her clients to achieve new levels of self-confidence and authenticity in your life.

As a transformation mentor, confidence and performance coach she assists her clients to reduce stress levels, increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence; to be a better leader by changing old patterns and unsupportive beliefs that weigh them down.

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