Would you like to learn and implement a unique Sales Flow Process™ that utilises your natural abilities and removes resistance and discomfort around sales?

Our approach to business growth is a combination of proven structures and systems with a flow and balance, linking together the inner world of behavioural psychology, emotional intelligence and natural talents with the business and sales training focused on strategic results and purposeful expansion.

Sales Flow Process™

1. Welcome vs Greeting or Introduction

You welcoming a person into communication with you, into the dialogue, into the discussion – an intention to welcome them into your space. While ‘a greeting’ or ‘an introduction’ is moving forward, welcoming energy is opening yourself up for communication and connection – make all parties involved to feel safe.

2. Connection

A few words to connect with the customer, an opportunity to step into our humanness (rather than a ‘salesperson’ role) and exchange quick couple words/sentences of care.

3. Curiosity

Stay in the attentive listening with the energy of curiosity and enquire about the needs, wants and a story of your client. Ask many questions to find out their pain points, values, their goals and vision. Keep your mind free from preconceived ideas and judgement. 

4. Consent

Ask if it is ok for you to show the product, to proceed with your presentation or proposal. Asking for consent is incredibly powerful as it gives you permission to express and removes fears.

5. Presentation

Here you present solutions that address and solve customer’s needs.

6. Check-in

Another point of connection. Check-in with the customer if what you say resonates with them, they hear and understand you well. Here you might locate possible objections.

7. Offer

Present your offer to them. Offer is different from the presentation.

8. Ask

Show the directions to your customers on how to proceed. Call to action = Directions. Guide them to action, move them to commitment. 

9. Discovery loop

When objections, concerns, questions arise, go back to the curiosity stage, engage empathic listening, go through the process again.

10. Win-win

The exchange always ends on a win-win and fair exchange of value.

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We specialise in removing resistance around selling, closing and presenting by incorporating behavioural psychology, emotional intelligence and awareness of behavioural patterns and mindset limitations; combining it with proven sales strategies incorporating a unique, highly effective Sales Flow Process™ we’ve created.



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