Shameful reality of Self-Promotion

How often do you see this when you join Facebook groups:

– NO fishing” type posts

– NO writing a post with enticing questions and copywriting with the intent of getting people to reply so you can recruit them or sell them your product or services.


– NO post disguised as “market research, let’s get on a call”, others ask people to comment and then poster send a PM(You will be removed for doing that, btw)

– NO Leading To Forced Opt-In Pages, NO direct sales/fundraising, NO spamming with business ops.

– pitch-free and promo free space

You will be permanently removed from the group WITHOUT WARNING so post carefully!

Are you having an anxiety attack yet I am close to it.

In fact, I was kicked out from a Women’s group for my posting my article that was published in the Elephant Magazine.

It was a good article, I was proud, and I posted! My bet I did not memorize the rules and regulations of all 20 women-entrepreneurs groups that I am in So I received a message that I was banned from a group.

As it is for a woman selling herself can feel awkward, scary and just plain wrong. And getting bashed for it in business groups does not help at all.

The truth is, we NEED, HAVE TO, MUST promote ourselves and it is essential to overcome that hate, fear, doubts and concerns that come with it.


Because your amazing product or service will not sell itself! Do you use things that are put away to a box in your garage No. Do you wear clothes that are hiding in the corner of the wardrobe No. Things that get your attention are right here, in front of your nose and easy to reach.

So where do you need to be Right in front of your customer!

Our recommendation: Promote yourself!

For that reason we’ve created a group where self-promotion is not only allowed, but welcomed. We will give you recommendations and feedback on how powerful and impactful your message is. We’ll support you in crystallizing and perfecting your pitch and message.

After all, we are a Sales School for Women.

Join us at

Why Sales Queens

Well, that’s a whole new conversation 🙂

Stay tuned.


About Anastasha Grace:

Anastasha Grace is a transformational coach, emotional wellbeing practitioner and a co-founder of Sales School for Women Fall in Love with Sales. She assists women in transforming limiting beliefs, reducing their stress levels and increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

The school provides a wide range of tools in sales, presentation, negotiation skills and behavioural psychology that allow a modern woman to be successful while staying happy about herself and balanced in her life.

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