Why did I fall in love with sales and decided to help others?

According to Harvard Business Review, ?women now drive the world economy.? Simply put, we are the economic engine of the planet.

All around the women are rising up to show their gifts and value to the world by establishing their own businesses. We want the freedom that comes with having our own business: working from home, setting your own schedule and pace, be there for kids, replacing a crazy commute with a walk down the hall to our home office; or being our own boss.

However, one of the biggest challenges most women face in building their own business is selling their services or selling themselves (which is actually the same thing). All my life I thought I hate selling. In fact, I believe I grew my first business very fast, solely so I can hire sales people and did not have to do it myself.

Everything changed when I started my practice. Working with people as a mentor, coach, practitioner means acquiring clients, having discovery calls and signing people for my programs.

That?s when the whole shift about sales has happened.

First of all, sale is not about a ?sale?. It?s all about openness, authenticity, ability to take a step and offer what you?ve got.

For that you need to have trust in yourself, and trust in the product or service that you are offering.

In order to be truly authentic, you need to integrate deep ACCEPTANCE of yourself, all parts of you, the ones you like, and the ones you don?t.

Openness comes from VULNERABILITY. The great thing about vulnerability is that it draws people to you. It creates space for honesty and engagement. It?s the driving force of connection.

A sale created from that space can?t even be called ?a sale? from the traditional view.

Secondly, a sale is all about service and helping others.

Conscious selling is an energy exchange between two people who trust each other?s inherent goodness. How much easier your life will be when you swap ?How do I close a sale? for ?How can I be of the highest service to the people on the receiving end of what I?m creating??

Thirdly, sales process teaches you about yourself and others. I fell in love with sales when I realised how much I have to work on myself, my integrity, my professionalism, awareness, authenticity in order to present my best self on the next call with a potential client. And how well I need to listen, understand and emphasise with the person in order to bring them value.

Women have characteristics and skills that make them natural fits for sales, like the ability to build trust, nurture relationships, listen and provide recommendations.

I am sure in our school you will fall in love with sales too 🙂


Sincerely yours,

Anastasha Grace

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