Unedited thoughts on sales

You will not hear me saying

Well I was not a natural in sales.. I have learned, improved, got better.. blah blah

How many seminars I went to when you hear these transformation stories of someone who increased their sales 10x by learning few tools, tricks, lines..

I see it slightly differently..

I believe we are all born as great at sales.. try to prove me wrong..

Aren’t kids best sales people ever? Aren’t they masters at influencing their parents, getting what they want, having strong mindset to deal with rejection, being convincing.. have you ever got excited and enthusiastic over something a kid wanted to show you, only because they were so excited and enthusiastic about it?

With layers and layers of limiting beliefs, conditioning, broken human connections we forget the power we have, how much we all can connect, understand each other.

Learning real sales means learning to sell anything without selling, being able to sell yourself without being obvious, creating deep connections quickly and easily.

Have I been through this road? Absolutely! You are hearing from someone who was petrified to ask a question to a cashier in Target in Australia Fair Shopping Center.? From that I have embarked on a journey of learning the art of communication, the asset of selling. I have held county records for making most amount of sales in my industry at a time, running a sales and marketing agency with a sales team that was up to 25 reps at a time. With my team?s effort we have created $45mln revenue increase for our clients. From that I moved on to consultancy world with a focus on marketing. Only to realise that marketing is nothing but sales, just to realise that most people in marketing have no idea about sales and real connection between brands and people. Making something pretty looking does not guarantee a sale, getting a sale does not guarantee a repeated business or strong connection. It has been a journey.

It is easier to look at sales from a different perspective. Learn this tool and you will sell. ABC always be closing..

Doing sales the way where you create connections with people takes you to understand yourself first. And isn’t it scary for majority of us.. do we understand why we do what we do? Do we really get it? I am getting better at it now and maaaaan it is not always easy and pleasant. Realising that sometimes you are not that perfect lol that you hurt people, that you do shit that is stupid, you don’t act when need to and overact when you shouldn’t have.. Welcome to the vulnerable reality of it all..

In our days sales are done and getting taught from a very muscular energy perspective. If you have done any research on amsyakr and feminine energy you’d agree that blows your mind! The rabbit hole is very deep though? and I won’t go too much in depth there (if you want contact me directly).

On a simple level

Musculine energy is all about going, achieving, closing, pushing, being strong, being restricted?

Set goals, work out your numbers, look at your law of averages, work out your conversion rate, see more people, put more ads on, do more sales, bring more customers.. close, relate, build rapport?

Feminine energy is all about flow, emotions, being open, connecting, feeling, understanding..

Connect, listen, relate, find out needs, feel?

Two different approaches to communication, sales, marketing, life?

How is it relevant to life? More to do lists, time management, goals, go go go?

I am not referring to men and women by the way.. we have both energies in us. Although let’s be honest most of us, even women, have more masculine energy and less and less feminine.

So let’s all learn how to sell without selling, how to live without fears, how to do marketing without marketing?

Sincerely yours,


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