What does mindfulness have to do with sales?

We love?sales! It is a skill that is highly required in our every day life. Every business sells something, either a product, service or an idea. In order to do that successfully you will be required to form strong connections with customers, your team members, your family and friends to support you. So how being more conscious, more mindful and more calm can help you with sales??

Taking a deep breath and closing your eyes even for a quick moment will drop you to your heart. Even if you say something that is not perfect, not planned, when it comes from the heart it will be received well. I have always wondered how is it possible that a new person in sales will come in, say all the wrong? things and make a successful sale and then some people who have been there for a while, know the pitch, know what to say, know the body language tips get shut down? So that explains it a lot. The later sales have been made from the head, from analysing, rather then from playfulness, fun, passion – heart!?

Next time you need to deliver a presentation, do a sales pitch, or just meet a new person, take a deep breath, slow yourself down and relax

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