Fall In Love With Sales are now on YouTube

Hey there ladies, we are excited to announce that Fall in Love with Sales is now on Youtube.

If you are looking for a supportive environment, exceptional level of knowledge and expertise, new approach to sales, connections, relationships and expansion your business – you are the right place. We at Fall in love with Sales believe that sales are not just about selling but rather having a genuine connection.?

We tend to feel scared to be seen, to stand out. We tend to shy away from talking about our wins, avoiding promoting ourselves and dulling down our achievements. Whilst women are naturally born with connecting abilities, we are also good at putting pressure on ourselves.?

We believe that these old-fashioned thinking can be helped by having the right skills and knowledge. In sales, having a supportive environment, feeling that you belong and being a part of something bigger results in enhancing self-esteem, overall confidence and lead to success in pursuing dream goals. Here are 3 aspects we believe are necessary in sales and in life:

  • Confidence
    ?- Present yourself in your best light and answer with certainty and grace.
  • Positive Thinking
    – Focusing on things that you can influence only instead of looking at negatives that are out of your control. 
  • Trust
    – Learning how to gain long-tern trust is essential in sales and in life.


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