Believing is seeing

It is said that seeing is believing but when it comes to sales believing is seeing.

Believing comes first. Your belief in yourself, in your product or service and your belief in the value you give to your customer is essential.

Believe in yourself.

Don?t rely on the result to allow yourself to believe in what you can achieve ?- it won?t work.

If you believe in the positive outcome first, that you will succeed, if you have a deep knowing in your heart that you will walk away feeling satisfied and fulfilled, you have more chances to achieve that.

Your energy and your vibe is different when you are certain. The way you communicate is more powerful and impactful, it carries more weight and is much stronger and convincing. Your brain becomes your ally to assist you in achieving what you?ve envisioned.

However, if you have negative thoughts and doubts your brain will feed that vision and will move you into actions to make the situation worse. On the other hand, if you are convinced of a positive outcome your brain will notice the welcoming smile of a client, will allow you to have more compassion to someone who is frustrated or angry, it will help you to connect, will give you the best joke at the right time, will help you to listen.

Bolster your self confidence by providing the evidence of your previous successes to your inner critic. Write a long list of your achievements, the longer the better (we recommend at least 200). ?What are you proud of? When did you feel on top of the world? How far have you come? What studies have you completed? What experiences have you gained over the years? ? Revisit that list regularly. ?

Another way to cultivate your confidence is to make a list of people who achieved the results you want. Practice a belief that if they can do it, you can do it! Be your own cheerleader.

Believe in your product or service.

Why did you get involved with this product or service? Why are you passionate about it?

You have to convince yourself that it has more advantages than your competitors for the right customer. Being enthusiastic and passionate about your product will go a long way compared to waiting for your customers to tell you that this product is worthy of investment. Know your product back to front. Believe in your vision. Have your ?Why?.

Believe in your value for your customer.

To see results you need to be convinced that your product or service brings genuine value to your customer. They will genuinely benefit from what you are selling. You know that it would improve their life. You know that it will be worth of investment.

Your belief will translate into willingness to turn around customer?s objections and help them see value, to communicate clearly and with conviction.

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