The aim of the sales process is not a win, it is an exchange of value

Sales… it can be such a scary word for some. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Pushy, manipulative, closing, following up, rejection.. icky feeling… Thoughts like starts running through our heads: ‘I am not good at sales’, ‘I don?t get sales’, ‘I don?t think sales are for me’ or ‘I am not that kind of person’.?

There is a separation between the world of sales and our everyday life. We tend to think we need to learn tricks, memorise strategies and techniques to be good at sales. We need to become a master at closing, objection turning, tonalities, body language, gathering intelligence and using it against the customer… Close, re-close, overcome fears, push through…

Thousands of books, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets have will send you head spinning, creating an illusion that sales is a mind-game.

But what if it is different? What if sales is a truly natural thing to human? What if sales were a part of our everyday reality? What if we believed that we are great at sales without manipulating and pushing? What if we saw sales as a graceful process? Imagine the world where sales are done with an open heart.?

This might not appeal to everyone. It might not appeal to people who have been in sales for a long time, who memorised techniques and are using sales tools on autopilot, comfortable in predictability and repetitiveness of a well-learned script. To people that have been moulded by the sales industry into the ‘well-rehearsed’ charismatic, enthusiastic person, master of a small talk, however, slightly shallow and even: fake. To sales people that operate an unconsciously competent level, who trained themselves to have sales conversation with a constant agenda, with a certain outcome, it might have become a way of living and the person might not even realise that they have changed, forgot who they truly are… Everything becomes a pitch. Life becomes a pitch. These strategies are deeply rooted in the toxic masculine energy. The salesman who is wearing its own mask loses touch with himself at the risk of getting estranged from their loved ones.

But it does not have to be this way! Sales can actually enhance your genuine identity, revealing and bringing to life your authentic self! With a different approach to sales you will become more of who you are, uncovering more of your deep-rooted passions instead of becoming a polished robot.

What if you dared to achieve more, to connect more with yourself and living life through your heart feelings? What if sales could lead you to deeper relationships, better understanding of yourself, other people and the world, manifesting of your dream life? What if sales could help you to improve your life?

Here is a good example, a newbie starts in a sales company, says all the wrong things, does not follow the script… and still ?closes the deal?. How? From a training book perspective that would be close to impossible. But she just came in with an open heart, genuine enthusiasm, light approach, sense of humour and most importantly – her authentic self. After repeating a presentation a lot of times it becomes hard to stay connected to the authenticity, to self, to the passion inside, to the present moment and to the customer. That’s when sales techniques, tools, drills, spills, phrases come in handy:?

– being disconnected from the moment and on autopilot still make a sale.

– building trust not through who you are but through what you wisely say after crafting it in the mind.

– delivering your product not through the passion in your heart but following well calculated moves and steps.

– telling your story with the same impact, with the same jokes, expressing emotions without actually going fully vulnerable each time.

Naturally, we are social beings, our whole existence depends on belonging to a tribe, creating community, connecting with others and exchanging skills, values, knowledge. We are biologically programmed to ask for what we need. Kids are so connected to their needs that they have no filters asking for what they require. What happens when we grow up? Filters, conditioning, disconnect, emotional repression and of course fears. Piles of them. Fears stop us from heart connections, estranging from other people, creating a sense of shame around asking for what we need. We learn how to either be silent, how to suppress, or to memorise a sales script and sales techniques: what tonality to use at the end of presentation, how to win a rebuttal, what to say to close a sale, tricks to use to get a buyer over the line. How does that feel? Inhuman, unnatural, icky?

The aim of the whole sales process is not a win, it’s a connection and a fair exchange. Do you agree? Then we can work together. At Fall in Love with Sales School we work with people who believe there is another way to sales.?

A way of flow, ease, confidence and love. A sale that is an exchange of value. A connection. A real conversation. Where everyone is more empowered, more of themselves. Everyone feels truly seen, heard and understood. Where everyone has the opportunity to transform their lives for the better.

Do you believe it?s possible?

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